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What is “friends zone”? Why some remain friends and some become lovers?

What is “friends zone”? Why some remain friends and some become lovers? We are passionate about some people romantically but others remain in our “friends circle”. What factors influence our decision of getting romantically involved with someone while just being... Continue Reading →


Is love an addiction?

Is love an addiction? Why we develop an obsession and can’t resist our beloved one? The phrases like “I am addicted to you” and “Everybody has an addiction, mine happens to be you” are popular phrases. Let’s analyze the scientific... Continue Reading →

Is love really blind?

Is love blind? William Shakespeare wrote “Love is blind, and lovers cannot see, the pretty follies that themselves commit”. Danish proverb says “Love is blind and thinks that others don’t see either”. We see many people in our lives who... Continue Reading →

How do we choose our partner?

How do we choose our partner? What kind of people attract us? We are always curious about how do we choose Mr. or Miss right for ourselves. Let’s analyze the mate selection process from physiological, psychological and hormonal perspectives. We... Continue Reading →

How do we fall in love?

How do we fall in love? Albert Einstein said “You can't blame gravity for falling in love”, then who do you blame? The question how do we falls in love is as long as the love itself. Let’s analyze the psychophysiological underpinnings of falling in love. Speaking in psychophysiological terms, falling in love can be a three step process: Step 1 Attraction Step 2 Addiction Step 3 Attachment

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